Logan Paul security allegedly hospitalize prankster MoDeen after KSI fight

TikToker modeen laying hospital bed with yellow balaclava on and riding a scooterTikTok: MoDeenTikToks

Social media prankster MoDeen was apparently left with two broken bones after allegedly being attacked by Logan Paul’s security team after harassing the YouTuber around his car.

With a stacked influencer boxing card being headlined by KSI’s two fights in one night plan, plenty of famous faces descended on London and the O2 Arena for a night of in-ring action.

While the fights were entertaining – and in the case of King Kenny vs FaZe Sensei, a bit controversial – there has been plenty of fallout from the event, seeing as KSI is now eyeing up bigger fights and Deji finally has a win under his belt.

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Aside from the action in the ring, there also appears to have been a few scuffles outside of it too, with prankster MoDeen – who has made a name for himself by winding up celebrities – allegedly being attacked by Logan Paul’s security team after the event had finished.

MoDeen allegedly attacked by Logan Paul security after KSI fight night

After the boxing action had finished up, videos surfaced across TikTok and Twitter of MoDeen seemingly harassing Logan and his team by screaming and shouting at the windows of their bus.

In one clip, the prankster can be heard urging Logan to jump out of the bus, and that’s when he starts to scoot away from the area. However, Mo was quickly chased by what appeared to be security guards, who got their hands on him moments later.

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The video appears to show the prankster being kicked to the floor, and that lines up with another video that shows him being attended to by police, laying on the ground, and being covered by a heat blanket.

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Mo ultimately ended up in hospital following the order, revealing on TikTok that he’d broken two bones and would need to use crutches for around two months.

He also urged fans to “send prayers” in another video as he had to spend time in the hospital due to his injuries.

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It remains to be seen if there will be any further fallout from the incident, but as of writing, Logan has yet to comment on what went down.