Logan Paul says Austin McBroom getting knocked out was “karma”

Logan Paul says McBroom boxing loss was karmaDexerto / YouTube: IMPAULSIVE

YouTube star Logan Paul has given his opinion on the outcome of Austin McBroom’s boxing match against AnEsonGib… and says the ACE Family creator’s loss was “karma” working its magic.

Logan Paul is one of the founding fathers of influencer boxing, having broken ground in the space with his first match against KSI back in 2018.

Since then, creators from multiple social media platforms have settled their differences in the ring — including, most recently, the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom and British YouTuber AnEsonGib.

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Although McBroom thoroughly trounced TikToker Bryce Hall on the YouTubers vs TikTokers card last year, his bout against Gib did not go so well. Gib emerged victorious in the fourth round of their fight after knocking down his opponent five times.

Naturally, Logan Paul paid attention to the fight — as did his little brother, Jake Paul, who offered Gib a rematch after defeating him back in 2019 with a 1st round TKO.

Logan Paul says McBroom’s boxing loss was “karma”

According to Logan, McBroom’s recent defeat was a result of “karma” from his trouble with Live X Live last year, which came about as a result of him not being able to pay the fighters and talent who participated in YouTubers vs TikTokers.

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“I feel like when Austin got knocked out, I saw karma work itself out in real time,” Logan said of the match. “I think that’s what that was. I saw it live!”

Fellow vlogger Mike Majlak also joined in on the conversation, congratulating Gib on his victory. “It was easily the biggest moment in influencer boxing so far,” Majlak interjected. “Or one of them. That was a brutal, brutal knockout for Gib. Gib’s the real deal, by the way. I think Gib’s got a lot of running room. I think if he keeps going, he can really do this.”

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It’s clear that McBroom’s loss has shaken up the influencer boxing world in a huge way — but even bigger things are coming around the corner, as Jake Paul is slated to face off against combat sports GOAT Anderson Silva at the end of October.