Logan Paul reveals why he’s kicking his housemates out ahead of KSI fight

Logan Paul has explained why he’s kicking all of his housemates out ahead of his highly anticipated YouTube boxing rematch with KSI.

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The popular American YouTuber has been gearing up for another showdown with Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji since it was announced back in September. In preparation, his imPaulsive podcast has gone on hiatus while he puts full focus on beating his British rival.

Prior to an intense final few training days, though, Logan revealed that he had suffered a nasty injury that involved losing a piece of his gum and swallowing it. However, with almost a week left until they square off, the YouTuber is taking his preparation one step further and eliminating all possible distractions.

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YT: KSIvsLoganLogan Paul and KSI will final get back into the ring in November.

Logan appeared on Mike Majlak’s Night Shift show on October 31 to give some of his final pre-fight feelings when the attention turned to him ‘kicking out’ his housemates.

“Bro, no offence, but I’m being friendly for the camera but I’m actually not that friendly in real life now, I’m pissed off and I want to hurt people – specifically KSI,” he said. “Ya’ll have locked me up in the house, stripped women away from me, going out, any type of fun I can’t have so I’m just angry bro.”

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Yet, things took a bit of a comedic twist when Logan admitted that he wanted to “knock out” some people wanted to hug him and even decided to mimic Majlak’s partying stories, claiming that he didn’t care about hearing them.

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As he built to a crescendo, the YouTube added: “I don’t give a f**k what you were dressed as bro, because I’m locked in my s**! F**k! So yeah, that’s why.”

That pent up anger may work in his favor once he steps inside the squared circle on November 9 against KSI in Los Angeles. Coming out of the blocks swinging would also help his early knockout victory prediction, which Logan is very much standing by ahead of the bout. 

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