Logan Paul reveals what Addison Rae thought of SteveWillDoIt’s caption about her

Hannah Van-de-Peer
Logan Paul Addison Rae ImpaulsiveInstagram: addisonraee/loganpaul

TikTok star Addison Rae was the unwitting subject of an Instagram caption posted July 11. NELK member Steve Deleonardis (AKA SteveWillDoIt) has since apologized for the gaffe, but is yet to change the caption or take the post down. Addison’s “great friend” Logan Paul responded to the caption on an episode of ‘Impaulsive’ posted July 13.

It’s safe to say the NELK boys haven’t exactly been staying out of trouble as of late. From questionable captions to “exposing” Addison Rae, they’ve been hitting headlines in one way or another.

Steve’s July 11 Instagram post – captioned ‘Eiffel Tower’ – was meant to be made in good “humor.” Although, Addison’s radio silence on the matter has provoked concern among fans. “The NELK boys are pigs,” expressed one Twitter user. “Hold (Steve) accountable,” said another.

The post prompted a sea of positive reactions from fellow social media stars. TikTok star Daniel Mac commented “absolute legends,” while FaZe Banks jokingly claimed he “captioned this.” Even Addison’s ex Bryce Hall got involved, asking to “see the video.”

SteveWillDoIt Addison Rae InstagramSteve’s Instagram post generated shock among fans

Addison’s friend and former rumored boyfriend Logan Paul reacted less favorably. Speaking on the ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, the YouTube star said Addison “didn’t really care” about the caption. He then went on to say he “cares.”

Co-host Mike questioned whether Addison was “in on it,” and we still have no official confirmation as to whether that’s the case. Mike admitted he deliberately “didn’t comment on (the post)” and stated he probably “would’ve taken offense” had it not been for Steve’s “sense of humor.”

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Later on in the podcast; Logan talked about being confronted by a Jake Paul hater, as well as Steve’s celebrity connections.