Logan Paul reveals he’s a natural redhead after Mike Majlak makes fun of young fan

Logan Paul has red hair header imageYoutube: IMPAULSIVE

In response to an email sent to him by an upset mother, Logan Paul discussed how he is a natural redhead despite many people assuming him to be a blonde. 

In the latest episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, host Logan Paul discussed his hair color and while many may think him a blonde, his natural hair color is actually red.

“I have strawberry blonde hair, I dye my hair but my beard is red,” was Paul’s comments about his hair colour. These words come off the back of an email he received from an upset mother.

The woman, Lisa, emailed Paul to express her disappointment at the negative comments and focus her son was given during the night shift video Paul did with Mike Majlak and KSI.

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During their Prime launch in the UK, Paul and company were visiting Watford and when doing so, Majlak singled out a young redheaded boy. This boy is the woman’s son.

Logan reads out the letter from the angry mother

In the email she writes how their words affected him and how hard it was for him to hear these kinds of comments from people that he looks up to. 

“My son was so excited to see you guys when you came to Watford for the Prime launch,” the mother began.“I am appalled that an adult singled out a child, zoomed in on him and made fun of his hair color.”

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She then goes on to label their actions as bully behaviour and that Logan Paul and Mike Majlak are reinforcing a negative attitude towards redheads.

“My son has had to deal with bullies about his hair color. To have someone that he follows and is a fan of, make fun of him, is very humiliating. The video obviously has gone around his school and kids are laughing at him. This is a form of prejudice and bullying and is uncalled for.”

After reading out the letter on the podcast, Logan Paul apologised to the mother and the child for the incident. Paul discussed how he is in fact a redhead and impores the child to “let your uniqueness define you.” He then went on to add that, “it’s cool to be different in my opinion.”

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Mike then took to the microphone to apologize as well given that it was his comments the woman was referring to. He expressed his “sincerest, wholehearted apologies,” and offered to send the family free Prime Hydration sports drinks as compensation for the incident.