Logan Paul reveals custom Pokemon mask gifted from WWE star Rey Mysterio

Logan Paul impaulsiveYouTube: Impaulsive

Logan Paul has revealed a custom Pokemon luchador mask complete with a PokeBall and Charizard on both sides that were gifted to him from WWE star Rey Mysterio.

Logan Paul has made a name for himself as a WWE entertainer over the last few months, garnering praise from fans after one of his first appearances.

Superstar wrestler Triple H made it clear that he’s a fan of the older Paul brother just days before Logan re-signed with the company.

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During the latest episode of Impaulsive with WWE star Rey Mysterio as their guest, Logan revealed the custom Pokemon luchador mask the wrestler gifted to him.

Logan Paul reveals Pokemon mask gift from Rey Mysterio

Uploaded on April 11, hosts Mike Majlak and Logan Paul put on their own luchador masks just before introducing WWE Hall-Of-Famer Rey Mysterio as the guest for the show.

Shortly after, Logan revealed that they were gifted to him by Rey Mysterio before the show. What stands out the most, though, are the Pokemon patches and the design on Logan’s mask.

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Sporting a Pokeball logo on his forehead with a Charizard patch on each side, Logan’s luchador mask fits him perfectly.

Logan has shared his interest in Pokemon quite a bit over the last few years, most notably having worn a Pikachu Illustrator card worth $5M around his neck to his WWE debut at Wrestlemania 38.

The older Paul brother also claims to own a base set Charizard, one of the rarest cards to ever be produced by the company.

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It’s unknown if Logan’s ever going to wear the mask during a future WWE event, so we’ll have to wait to see if he does.

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