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Logan Paul reveals 12 bizarre reasons why he’ll beat KSI in boxing rematch

Published: 4/Sep/2019 11:41 Updated: 4/Sep/2019 12:29

by Matt Porter


Logan Paul and JJ ‘KSI‘ Olatunji’s epic boxing rematch is now official, and the American has revealed 12 hilarious reasons why he thinks he’ll secure victory at the Staples Center in November.

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The rivals have turned professional for their rematch, with the pair ditching the amateur-only headgear for their highly anticipated bout, especially after the majority draw decision that saw both men get their arm raised in August 2018 and the months of trash talk between them since their first fight.

Logan Paul is determined that he will be the winner when they step inside the squared circle once again, and provided 12 hilarious reasons why he will beat his rival in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel on Tuesday, September 3.


YT: KSIvsLoganKSI and Paul’s first fight was judged to be a majority draw.
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Surrounded by hyped friends, Paul claimed that he would beat KSI because: “at last year’s weigh-in, KSI stuffed his pants to hide his micro-penis”; that his laugh was “cute as fuck”, while his opponent’s sounded like “an ambulance”; that while KSI was touring with his “SoundCloud Music”, Logan was training; and that KSI’s name is “just letters,” while ‘Logan’ is a real name.

“In the past year, I grew a sexy-ass beard,” continued the YouTube star. “Looks like you grew a baby. You couldn’t even beat me in your own country, this time I have home-field advantage, welcome to America bitch!


“I still get along with my brother, the last time I saw your brother he was on my podcast. I’m stronger. I’m taller. I’m faster, and I’m better looking. In fact, I hooked up with his ex-girlfriend in Ibiza!”

Clip starts at 2:18 for mobile users.

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The 24-year-old even used the passing of his pet dog Kong and parrot Maverick to mock the Brit, telling KSI that they were dead, “just like your music career,” and included footage of him knocking out an Ivan Drago-look alike and a practice opponent in a slap battle.

The war of words has already started ahead of their November 9 showdown in Los Angeles California, with the bout available only via pay-per-view on combat sports streaming platform DAZN. Whether the pair will meet face-to-face in a press conference, before the weigh-ins, is unconfirmed, but it’s unlikely we’ve heard the last of the trash talk from either man.