Logan Paul responds to Jake Paul’s taunts to box him: “What are you gonna do?”

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YouTube stars Jake and Logan Paul have become major players in the current influencer boxing trend — but it’s looking more likely than ever that the brothers might actually box each other next.

With Logan Paul taking on the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul scoring a bout with Tyron Woodley, it seems like these two social media stars can do just about anything they put their minds to.

However, while they’ve scheduled matches with high-profile names in the world of combat sports, the two have also entertained the idea of a match between themselves in the past, although it was always brushed off.

Now, though, some recent DMs between the boxing brothers may have turned the tables. On July 20, 2021, Jake called out his older bro on Instagram, taking notice of his recent friendship with long-time rival KSI.


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“A picture of two guys who don’t want to fight me,” he captioned a photo of the YouTubers.

Logan Paul later responded in DMs, jokingly telling his little bro: “Omg. You’re my little brother, of course I don’t want to fight you. But if I have to, I will. P***y.”

Logan Paul responds Jake Paul Instagram boxing callout
Instagram: Jake Paul
Logan Paul was quick to give a lighthearted jab back at his little bro .

Of course Jake Paul, in true “Problem Child” fashion, playfully escalated the confrontation, hitting back at Logan in a biting series of messages.

“The only thing you’re fighting is hangovers in Ibiza,” he wrote back. “Your hamster didn’t ‘run away’ in middle school like I told you… I returned it to the pet store because it smelled like s**t. What are you gonna do? Cry about it? Make an imPaulsive? Predictable.”

“Mom already asked where she can bet on me to win when we fight,” he continued. “No cap.”

Jake Paul hits back Logan Paul boxing
Instagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul hit back at his big bro with a series of biting comments – even claiming he’d returned Logan’s pet hamster to the pet store!

This latest exchange comes as quite a different vibe from their previous discussions on the topic of a fight between them, with the Jake stating in January that a fight with Logan wasn’t likely to happen, although it was always “a conversation” they both “keep alive.”

“At the end of the day, he’s my brother… so maybe, but it could also never happen,” Jake mused at the time.

Considering their recent boxing successes, it would certainly make for an interesting matchup, should the two ever decide to hash out their childhood rivalry in the boxing ring.

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