Logan Paul responds to Candace Owens debate challenge over viral “anti-racist” video

logan paul and candace owensYouTube: Impaulsive, Instagram: realcandaceowens

In 2020, a clip of Logan Paul went viral, with the YouTube star urging viewers to be more aware of their treatment of minorities, saying that not being racist isn’t enough, and we must be anti-racist. Now, it’s doing the rounds again, and Candace Owens wants to debate Logan.

The viral clip started picking up steam once again in July 2021 for all the wrong reasons, drawing some negative attention to Paul, and Owens in particular took a dislike to it.

On July 23, Owens tweeted the video and publicly called Paul out on it, saying that she would “like to publicly challenge him to go a few rounds with me in a political debate.”

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The challenge was clearly spelt out: “How about you stop by my show and explain to me how you’re *checks notes* more privileged than me…?”

Logan didn’t respond initially and most believed he would simply ignore the offer handed to him from Owens, but he instead waited to discuss it on his Impaulsive podcast, where the original clip came from.

Logan explained that he realized he was trending on Twitter, much to his confusion, and upon checking the trend he found that the old clip had gone viral once again, adding that he was confused by the situation, especially with Candace Owens reaching out.

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“I’m perplexed, to say the least,” he explained. “I actually ended up speaking with her, and there may be a future where we sit down and have a civil discourse because I think there’s some meat on this bone.”

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Logan went on to say that she’s an expert when it comes to debating, but he feels that he’s able to educate himself and because he cares about the topic, he has a “semi-intelligent brain” and thinks he could hold his own.

Owens is a feisty debater and she definitely wouldn’t make things easy for Logan, who might not realize just what he’s getting himself in for.

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That said, he’s taken on Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring and went the distance, so what’s he really got to be scared of?