Logan Paul reacts to Floyd Mayweather’s bloody sparring photos

Logan Paul reacts to bloody floyd mayweather photosYouTube: Barstool Sports, imPaulsive

YouTube star Logan Paul is going toe-to-toe with 50-0 boxing champ Floyd Mayweather on June 6 — but his opponent’s impressive pro record doesn’t seem to bother him.

Logan Paul has shaken up the world of influencer boxing in a huge way by scoring a bout with one of the sport’s biggest names to date, and after months of radio silence, the two are finally slated to throw down.

While they didn’t seem to have much of a true “grudge” beforehand, Jake Paul’s stunt with Mayweather’s hat certainly threw a figurative wrench into the proceedings — and now, it looks like things are getting personal.

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On May 19 & 25, Mayweather posted a few grisly photos to his Instagram page that showed him deck out in full sparring gear, covered in the blood of his opponent.


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“This s*** is blood, sweat and tears for me,” the champ wrote, prompting many fans to question Paul’s chances during their upcoming exhibition match.

While most average people might balk at such a display of strength, it doesn’t seem like Paul is all too worried about these bloody photos, as evidenced by his video roasting the images on May 26.

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“Floyd Mayweather is so excited that he made someone bleed in sparring,” Paul laughed. “He posted the same picture twice from the same day. Ooh, he’s so excited!”

“Hey champ, you’re not the only person who makes people bleed in sparring,” he continued. “Besides, your sparring partners are human blood sprinklers, bro. Who you sparring, bro? You’re sparring trash! You f**king pipsqueak. June 6 is gonna be the worst day of your life, dog. Literally, I’m gonna make that s*** so hard for you.”

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Thus far, it doesn’t look like Mayweather has responded to Logan’s taunts — but he might not need to.

Fans can tune into Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather via Fanmio on June 6.