Logan Paul reacts to ex-girlfriend Chloe Bennet’s new boyfriend

Chloe Bennet, Instagram / imPaulsive, YouTube

YouTube star Logan Paul notably parted ways with actress Chloe Bennet in 2018 — and now, it seems that she has finally moved on, prompting an unexpected reaction from her social media star ex.

Agents of Shield’s Chloe Bennet quietly broke things off with Paul in October 2018, which Logan jokingly attributed to the meddlings of fellow imPaulsive co-host Mike Majlak.

While he posted a humorously “emotional” video concerning their breakup shortly thereafter, things were relatively quiet on both fronts until March 2020, when Paul brought up her love life in an episode of his podcast.

Logan Paul, Instagram
YouTuber Logan Paul and actress Chloe Bennet parted ways in late 2018 – but it seems that the ‘Agents of Shield’ star has since found new love.

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A few scrolls through Bennet’s Instagram account will reveal photos of the star apparently getting cozy with a new beau, captioned, “I LOVE YOU CUTIE, YOU ARE MAGICAL… SORRY I’LL STOP YELLING NOW.”

Although there’s no telling if these photos actually point to a new relationship for the star, Paul seems to think so, admitting that he “stalked” her social media to check up on his ex-girlfriend.

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Apparently, the YouTuber isn’t fazed by her possible new romance, and even explained that he is “happy” for Bennet, claiming that timing played a large part in the death of their own love life two years prior.

“I’m really, really happy for her,” he admitted. “I think with us, it was just a timing thing. So many relationships are about timing, in general. Life is about timing. I say often, I was born in the right generation. …timing can be attributed to so much of one person’s success in pretty much any vertical — relationships, career, personal life.”

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Paul’s philosophical thoughts on the subject follow his recent split from model Josie Canseco, who the YouTuber claimed wanted “more” from the relationship than he was willing to give. The two even mutually “ghosted” each other, and reportedly haven’t spoken since their breakup.

For now, it looks like “the Maverick” is focusing on his vlogging career — and despite fears that YouTube is hiding his content on the platform, fans seem to be happier with his videos than ever before.