Logan Paul pleads with David Dobrik to return to YouTube

Virginia Glaze
Logan Paul, YouTube / David Dobrik, Instagram

YouTube star Logan Paul is pleading with one of the platform’s biggest content creators, David Dobrik, to make his long-awaited return after going radio silent in wake of current world events.

Dobrik ceased his uploads after stay-at-home orders were put in place in California — a development that made sense to fans, considering that his fast-paced content largely relies on the hijinks of his hilarious friend group.

However, Dobrik broke his content hiatus to partner with EA Games and give away huge amounts of cash, cars and other prizes to fans and bystanders, but returned to his undetermined break shortly thereafter.

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David Dobrik, Instagram
YouTube star David Dobrik has been relatively silent on social media due to current global events.

Since then, Dobrik’s fanbase has been waiting with bated breath for his eventual return to the site — and they’re not alone.

YouTuber Logan Paul uploaded a video on May 25 pleading with the vlogging star to make a comeback, using the ever-popular introduction of Avatar: The Last Airbender to poke fun at ongoing drama on the platform.

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imPaulsive, YouTube
YouTuber Logan Paul has also taken notice of Dobrik’s absence from the platform, and pleaded with him to return with a humorous skit that referenced Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Editing in Dobrik as the Avatar, Logan casted the four nations of the show as James Charles, PewDiePie, RyanToysReview, and Mr Beast, respectively, with Sokka and Katara as the currently feuding KEEMSTAR and H3H3.

“Where are you, David Dobrik?” Logan asked, performing faux martial arts in his backyard. “I need you. I miss you David. I want your videos back in my life — and that’s not even me being sarcastic. Being the YouTube Avatar is hard, and it’s not the same without you, David.”

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While Dobrik has been uploading content to his TikTok account, it’s true that fans and critics alike are wondering when he will make a comeback to his regular vlogs — but the star was adamant that he would refrain from regular uploads until the global crisis has passed.

Paul and Dobrik share a tenuous history; Paul expressed dismay after Dobrik allegedly snuck onto the set of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast in 2018, and even left him on read when asked to be part of the show two years later.

For now, it looks like Logan’s journey as the “YouTube Avatar” will continue to be a lonely one, as Dobrik has yet to upload another video after months of inactivity.