Logan Paul confirms plan to run for president and what he will do as leader

Logan Paul on the Impaulsive podcastYouTube: IMPAULSIVE

YouTuber Logan Paul has revealed that he still plans on running for president of the United States when he turns 35, and went on to say that he thinks he could do some “seriously good sh*t.”

Logan Paul’s YouTube career has been full of highs and lows, and he’s had his fair share of crazy ideas throughout his time on the internet.

These days he’s continuing to release episodes of his wildly popular ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, and he even partnered up with former boxing rival KSI to create their ‘Prime’ sports drink which is already proving to be a hit.

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Logan Paul and KSI holding Primedrinkprime.com
Logan and KSI have seen huge success with their latest business venture.

Back in 2020, Paul surprised some fans when he said that he one day plans to run for president of the United States, appearing to be serious about the plan, saying: “Before I die, I will be President of the United States. And honestly, I will probably be a very good president.”

But it seems that wasn’t just a throwaway statement, as nearly two years later, Logan has doubled down on that plan.

In episode 313 of the Impaulsive podcast, the YouTuber said: “I really do think I’m gonna make a run for president when I’m 35. Like, deadass.” 35 is the minimum age required to be president in the US.

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When asked what he think his first policy would be, Logan responded: “I don’t know, I have to do more research, but I think I could do some seriously good sh*t that is so necessary, and in my head feels inevitable but someone has to do it.”

However, it looks like he isn’t planning on taking co-host Mike Majlak on as his running mate.

With Logan currently only being 26-years-old, fans will have to wait a good few years to find out whether the YouTuber is serious about running, though opinion on his plan is definitely split.

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