Logan Paul opens up on “aggressive” weed withdrawals

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Logan Paul opens up on aggressive weed withdrawals

YouTube star Logan Paul has opened up about his marijuana use, claiming he became dependent on weed and experienced “aggressive” withdrawals when he quit.

Logan Paul is one part YouTube superstar, one part budding pro boxer, and one part NFT connoisseur.

The social media mogul has been open about his travels for the past few months, claiming that he and his team have been working abroad without much rest over the last year.

During this time, Paul claimed that he relied on recreational marijuana to get him through the grueling workdays (which may or may not have included spending time on his brand-new Prime Hydration sports drink collab with KSI).

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Logan Paul’s 2021 was an extremely busy year for the YouTuber, seeing him face off against Floyd Mayweather and even creating a sports drink alongside former rival KSI.

Logan Paul explains “aggressive” withdrawals from weed

The YouTuber explained the situation during a January 4 episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, saying that he had decided to quit when he realized he was “high more than I wasn’t high.”

“It was able to stimulate me enough to continue this lifestyle of travel, adventure, and party, and creation,” he explained. “But I knew there was gonna be a day where I had to call it quits.”

Logan Paul
Alongside his boxing pursuits, Paul has also become an avid collector of Pokemon cards and NFTs.

Paul said that, after making the decision to stop smoking on December 24, 2021, he experienced unexpectedly intense withdrawals.

“For me, my withdrawals are very aggressive,” the YouTuber claimed. “I was extremely irritable, I could not sleep, I developed a gag reflex, no appetite.”

“I was really going through it,” he continued, going on to reference co-host Mike Majlak’s previous addiction to drugs. “…I swear to God, if I had an addiction as serious as [Mike Majlak’s] on narcotics, I would not make it out.”

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Thus far, fans have been supportive of Paul’s openness about his withdrawal experience.

This isn’t the first time the star has received sympathy and concern from fans, though; in December 2021, viewers were convinced that Paul was struggling with an addiction after the crew joked about him going on a “six-month bender.”

Although Paul assured fans that he wasn’t dealing with such an issue, and even slammed claims of a purported “opiate narrative,” this latest IMPAULSIVE episode has some viewers growing worried, once again.