Logan Paul nearly fights bodybuilder as Mike Majlak prank turns serious

Logan Paul gets pranked by Andre RushYouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogs

Mike Majlak’s prank on Logan Paul almost ended in a fight, when bodybuilder chef Andre Rush, who had been hired to ruffle Logan’s feathers, did too good of a job, and pushed Logan almost to breaking point.

Mike and Logan are by no means strangers to the prank world – the Impaulsive podcast co-hosts taking every opportunity to trip the other up, and freak each other out.

One incredibly tense prank saw Logan prank Mike by pretending that former co-host Spencer Taylor dressed in a bright green morph suit was a home intruder. Clearly a fan of pushing each other to the edge, Mike said after the prank “I was about to swing.”

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Mike Majlak and Logan Paul holding a mopInstagram: heybigmike
Mike Majlak is also the co-host of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast.

So this time around, all bets were off when Mike decided to get back at Logan for the countless pranks he’d pulled, including “shredding his slushie machine” and even putting an alligator in his bed the first day that he moved into the Maverick House.

Mike explained how they’ve been trying new chefs out over the previous few weeks at the house, and that they called in their friend Andre Rush, who is not only a chef but “a combat-trained military” guy.

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With Logan in earshot, Mike told Chef Rush that their previous cook was “the bomb,” Andre replying “if she bomb, what am I?” The pair continued to escalate the tension as Logan is seen in the background watching the situation unfold.

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“What kind of answer are you looking for,” Logan said as he finally entered the conversation, casually washing his hands when he said, “I think you should pack your sh*t and dip.”

They then unleashed the climax of the prank: Andre slamming Mike into the wall, making a huge thump as the plate he’s holding smashed all over the floor. “Is that for real?” Logan asked several times.

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As Logan looked ready to start getting physical, their friend Milton broke the prank, leaving the rest of the room howling with laughter. It took Logan a while of standing with his jaw clenched before he finally saw the funny side.

In ordinary circumstances perhaps this would be the end to the long-running prank war, but given Logan’s track record, the retaliation will no doubt be ten times bigger than this.

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