Logan Paul’s new movie up for pre-order on iTunes

Virginia Glaze
IMDB / Logan Paul Vlogs, YouTube

Logan Paul is more than just a controversial YouTuber – the internet star also has acting chops, which he’s putting on display in his new comedy film “Airplane Mode.”

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Paul’s direct-to-video flick is heading to iTunes after four years in development, as told in a statement from the YouTuber via Twitter on July 31.

“Four years later, and Airplane Mode is finally here,” Paul wrote. “This is the craziest, raunchiest, edgiest movie you’ll ever see. Wear a helmet and elbow pads when you watch it. And a diaper.”

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This wouldn’t be the first announcement of Paul’s film, either: he similarly posted about the flick on Instagram in January, which was shown at the Mammoth Film Festival a month later.

For those curious about the movie before spending their cash, the synopsis is as follows: while en route to a social media convention in Australia, Logan Paul’s plane goes haywire, after passengers collectively refuse to place their smartphones in airplane mode.

IMDBLogan Paul’s “Airplane Mode” film was originally slated for a 2017 release – but his scandal in Japan’s “Suicide Forest” may have delayed the title.
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Of course, “Airplane Mode” also features a slew of internet celebrities, including names like vlogger Casey Neistat, former Vine star King Bach, Logan’s little brother Jake Paul, and many more.

Although simple in plot, Paul’s film could be a hilarious, fun-filled time – but early reviews are already bashing the movie before it’s even made its official debut.

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IMDB has already slated the film at 3.5/10, while users across Twitter are wondering why it is being released after such a long wait.

“Like this tweet if you thought the movie had been aired flopped and forgotten, then this tweet made you happy,” one user wrote.

“This looks just terrible?” another Tweeted. “Can we know whose in it besides the C-List celebrities below the title?”

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This wouldn’t be Paul’s first brush with the silver screen, either: the YouTuber also appeared in the mysteriously unreleased remake of 1983’s “Valley Girl,” which was put on hold following his scandal in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘Suicide Forest’ in early 2018.

Whatever the case may be, fans of the oldest Paul brother can pre-order his comedy film on iTunes as of July 31 – a film that will release in full on August 2.