Logan Paul knee injury update reveals possible WWE return date

logan paul youtube talking wweYouTube/Logan Paul

YouTubers FaZe Sensei and The W.A.D.E. Concept claim that Logan Paul’s knee injury is on the mend, saying he may return to the WWE in just six weeks.

YouTube star Logan Paul has made his way into the WWE, performing high-flying stunts against the likes of Roman Reigns after making his white-collar boxing debut years prior.

However, his time in the ring was cut short in early November after he sustained a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus after landing on a table mid-match.

Since then, Paul’s next boxing match has been up in the air, with business partner KSI theorizing that he won’t be able to take part in the Misfits card coming up in January — but Paul might be able to get back in the game earlier than anticipated.

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According to YouTubers FaZe Sensei and The W.A.D.E. Concept (both high-profile influencers with connections to the Paul brothers), Logan’s knee injury is apparently on the mend.

Sources claim Logan Paul may return to WWE in six weeks

That’s not all; Wade also claimed that Logan might return to the WWE in six weeks once he returns to form.

“By the way, we got an update on that,” Wade began. “His MCL that was torn — he didn’t have a triple tear, so that’s good. He’s gonna be trying to wrestle in six weeks, apparently.”

“He can do it,” Sensei said. “MCL? He can do it.”

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Wade also claimed that Logan is looking to get “stem cell therapy” for his injury, something he considered a “great” option for the star. “You have the money to do it, why not?”

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Of course, none of this has been verified by Logan, himself, who hasn’t exactly confirmed or denied any possible upcoming bouts.

However, he has been mentioned alongside personalities like Andrew Tate and Floyd Mayweather, with whom he teased a possible rematch (on the condition that he actually gets paid this time, of course).