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Logan Paul hits back at outrage over “disrespectful” Christian comments

Published: 12/Aug/2020 9:06 Updated: 12/Aug/2020 9:20

by Andrew Amos


Logan Paul has defended himself after fans expressed outrage over “disrespectful” comments he made about friend and Impaulsive podcast guest George Janko and his Christian faith, saying he “refuses to be steamrolled by the comments and the sentiment from last episode.”

Logan Paul’s 206th episode of Impaulsive featuring friend and actor George Janko has come under widespread criticism, after the two got into a debate about Christian values.


It came to a head with a hypothetical regarding Hitler, and the potential of killing him if he came back to life.

“Some guy was going back and he said ‘do you forgive everybody’ and I said ‘absolutely 100%.’ He goes ‘Hitler comes back to life, you have a chance to kill him right now, do you kill him?’ I go ‘No’,” Janko explained.


“Hitler at the end of the day was such a powerful speaker, so motivating and so strong in this situation. When I look at this man, or anybody like this man, I don’t just look at his flesh ⁠— there’s demons behind him, and I’m not trying to cast him out, I’m trying to kill the situation that’s making him evil.”

Segment begins at 50:20.

The comments were met with laughter from Logan Paul, who was taken aback by how “ludicrous” they were.

This response had the YouTuber in hot water, as many fans downvoted the video and voiced their disappointment in Paul’s “disrespectful” reply. “Logan and Mike were extremely disrespectful,” one commenter said. “One of the worst hosting I’ve seen on a podcast.”


Logan Paul addressed the backlash on the next episode of Impaulsive, where he said the podcast was a place to debate. Paul believes that while he considers Janko a great friend, he will point out how “insane” his opinion was.

“He’s very emotionally mature, so he comes from a place where he’s like ‘let’s settle this with love’ rather than try and create a gap because we believe in different things. I loved his take, and I even told him that ‘your religious beliefs let you uphold a very sound moral compass,’” he said in Episode 207.

Segment begins at 5:58.

“[It was] very noble, but telling me you’d spare Hitler is ludicrous. It’s a podcast. It’s about hearing different sides of the conversation. Commendable, but f**king insane ⁠— so insane to me that it became laughable. [Sparing Hilter] is crazy.”


Paul added that the Impaulsive podcast isn’t meant to cater to everybody, and he doesn’t expect everyone to agree with all the points he, or his guests, make.

“I understand that if you are on George’s side, and especially if you are a religious person, how you wanted to hear George talk and we always try to give our guests the benefit of doubt. I think there were some lines blurred between him being the guest and his opinion.


“This is not the podcast where you’re always going to hear the things you want to hear. I think if you listen to any podcast where that’s the case, that’s a miracle. That’s not us. I’m always going to be true to myself. If that’s not good enough for you guys, no problem.

“I love and appreciate the feedback, I just refuse to be steamrolled by the comments and the sentiment from last episode.”

Segment begins at 3:27.

The comments weren’t well received, with more listeners pointing out that they were disappointed with Paul’s attitude more than his comments.

Janko also issued a statement after the episode aired, telling fans he still considers Paul a close friend, and that he wasn’t offended by what happened on the podcast. The actor invited others to be more “open and honest” about their own beliefs, too.

“If you’re going to be open and honest about your opinion or your beliefs, you’ve got to understand that not everybody is going to see it exactly how you are.

“You’ve got to have patience and understanding. Everyone is raised with a different mindset and point of view.”


Logan Paul mindblown after pulling rare Pokemon cards worth $3000

Published: 1/Oct/2020 13:11

by Jacob Hale


Logan Paul has become an avid Pokemon card collector throughout the latter half of 2020, and treated fans of his Impaulsive podcast to watch him open a rare pack, the contents of which he was delighted with.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game originally got going in 1999 and now, over two decades later, is worth more than ever, with rare cards making sellers hundreds of thousands of dollars if they’ve kept their collection in good condition.


He recently revealed some of the collection he had been building up, including a first edition shadowless Charizard that could fetch anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000 at auction.

Letting his fans into the hobby, Logan opted to buy a pack of Base Set trading cards for $500 online and opened it live on Impaulsive.

Logan Paul 1st edition Charizard
Instagram: loganpaul
Logan’s 1st edition Charizard is a prized possession.

Obviously, when you’re spending $500 on a single pack of cards, you’ve got to be pretty hopeful of the results, but Paul insisted he always gets his rarest cards from the seller he bought it from.

So, he opened them and revealed each card one-by-one, including a Squirtle which he expects to fetch around $200-300, perhaps more as he believes it to have a PSA grade of 10 — or, the best condition it could possibly be.

Alongside the regular Energy cards and some more Pokemon such as Gastly and Poliwhirl, Paul also packed a Blastoise, again expecting it to be PSA graded 10/10, which he says should fetch around $2500 — meaning the total value of the individual cards could fetch around $3000 if his valuations are correct.


Obviously, the valuations may be slightly off, but Logan has at least made his money back for this pack — and if he’s made a profit then more power to him.

There’s some serious money to be made in the Pokemon Trading Card Game now, especially as it enjoys somewhat of a resurgence of late, so it might be worth digging out those old cards and see what you’ve got laying around: you never know how much money you could be sitting on.