Logan Paul floored after dog bites balls in workout gone wrong

Instagram: Logan Paul

Logan Paul has been caught writhing in pain on camera after his dog played fetch with the social media star’s most prized possessions.

Never one to back down from the spotlight, be it by running for the presidency, or making his WWE debut, Logan Paul has built his substantial online presence in a number of ways.

Now, catching attention in a way he’s not used to, Logan was massively upstaged by a Pitbull during a workout.

In the video posted to Instagram, you see the social media star turned boxer pulling a Pitbull around in a friendly tussle before the dog takes a nip at his nether region.

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Instagram: Logan Paul
Paul has long had an affinity for pets, though that friendly relationship didn’t help him during the workout.

Starting with the announcement “This is how you use your dog to work out,” Logan goes from upright, pulling the dog around with its chew toy, to becoming the chew toy before falling to the floor.

More shaken than he was by Floyd Mayweather, Logan screams on the floor while holding himself and rolling in agony.

The caption to the video reads: “there goes my reproducers” referencing the dogs direct hit to the Paul family propagators.


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This is not the first time that Paul’s balls have made news. Two years ago on the Jimmy Kimmel show he announced he’d lost 15% of his testicle jumping off a table and doing the splits over a chair.

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Long term effects of the dog bite haven’t been announced by Logan, but should that change we’ll be sure to keep you updated.