Logan Paul fires back at “ignorant losers” criticizing him for sea turtle fiasco

Brad Norton
Logan Paul Sea TurtlesInstagram: Logan Paul / Unsplash: David Sng

Following another wave of controversy, this time surrounding the potential harm of sea turtles in Puerto Rico, Logan Paul has fired back at critics on social media, justifying his actions while calling them “ignorant losers.”

It wouldn’t be a typical week without either Paul brother getting themselves in some form of controversy. While it’s more or less their schtick, a recent incident in Puerto Rico almost landed them in legitimate trouble with local authorities.

Traveling through Dorado, Logan and his younger brother Jake were driving across a beach in their own golf carts. This may not seem like a huge deal at first, however, they were doing so during sea turtle nesting season. Before long, this footage landed them in hot water, with Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural and Environmental Resources launching an official investigation.

One week later and the older Paul brother has now snapped, venting his frustrations in a private social media post.

“I don’t feel like making a big deal out of this on my public socials,” Paul said in a restricted post through his Maverick Club network. In another video, their group is given permission to drive vehicles on a section of a private beach.

Without that info, viewers initially assumed the footage was on a public beach where turtles are known to lay their eggs at this time of year. It’s a leading reason as to why motorized vehicles are banned on a majority of Puerto Rican beaches. While many feared for the safety of these eggs, Paul made clear these assumptions were wrong.

“I’m so f***ing tired of the media and ignorant, angry losers trying to pick on Jake and I,” he said. “Jake got ‘backlash’ for LEGALLY driving a LEGAL electric golf cart on a private beach here in Dorado. Where it is LEGAL.

“Milton spoke with beach security about it. It’s just mad annoying people make assumptions, get their headlines, and try to f*** with us.”

Having packed his bags and moved from Los Angeles to Puerto Rico, Paul is now an official resident. Despite only just relocating, it clearly didn’t take long to embroil himself in a local controversy.

“Fines” among “other penalties” may have been applicable had this incident occurred where motorized vehicles are prohibited.

However, with Paul’s evidence and explicit permission, it should only be a matter of time until the official investigation is dropped.