Logan Paul fan sneaks him a Prime can during WWE Royal Rumble and fans love it

Logan Paul sat outside WWE ring in yellow and black outfit drinking blue primeTwitter: PrimeHydrate

Logan Paul was spotted a quick timeout from his return at the WWE Royal Rumble to take a sip of Prime, and it’s gone somewhat viral.

After dominating on YouTube, Logan Paul has started trying his hand in different arenas. He’s not had the same success in the boxing ring as his brother Jake, but he’s taken to the WWE like a duck to water.

‘The Maverick’ has established himself as one of the rising stars in the world of sports entertainment and made his return to the WWE after a brief layoff in the 2023 Royal Rumble. He managed to survive until the last three before being eliminated by the eventual winner, Cody Rhodes.

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His performance was pretty eye-catching, as his midair collision with WWE star Ricochet broke the internet. However, there was another moment that caught the eye of some eagle-eyed fans, given it didn’t take place in the ring.

Logan Paul takes Prime drink break during WWE return at Royal Rumble

That’s right, shortly after he entered the 30-man rumble, Logan took a brief break outside of the ring, cozying up to the barricade between the ring and the fans.

One fan took the chance to quickly compliment him on the Prime drinks that have been so successful for himself and KSI. “Hey let’s go,” Logan said, laughing and fist-bumping the fan after the compliment. “Drink Prime!”

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A few moments later, with logan still on the outside, the fan returned with a can of the new Prime Energy drinks. He quickly handed it over to Logan, who took a sip and bolted back into the ring to finish the match.

The clip has gone a little viral on Twitter, racking up a few hundred thousand views across a number of posts.

It’s not the biggest bit of advertising the drinks will get in the next few weeks, given they’ve got a Super Bowl commercial, but it is still a hilarious moment.