Logan Paul explains why WWE is one of the ‘hardest’ things he’s done

Logan Paul in WWE interview talking to cameraWWE

Logan Paul has explained why the WWE has left him “stunned” as he’s gotten to grips with the world of professional wrestling, noting it’s actually really “hard” than what someone might expect.

Celebrity involvement is nothing new to the world of WWE – it’s been happening since the early days – but there haven’t been as many impressive debuts as Logan Paul’s.

The Maverick stepped inside the squared circle at WrestleMania in April, with he and his partner, The Miz, scoring a win over The Mysterios. Though, in true pro wrestling style, The Miz turned his back on the YouTuber, setting them on a collision course for a singles match.

The pair will come to blows at SummerSlam in Nashville, and ahead of his highly-anticipated singles debut, Logan explained how the transition into wrestling has shattered the myth that it is easy on a number of different levels.

Logan Paul explains just how hard it is performing in WWE

Speaking to TMZ Sports ahead of his return to the ring, Logan explained that there is a misconception about pro wrestling as it is much harder than some on the outside might think.

“Yeah dog, this s**t is hard! It is so hard. I come from the non-WWE universe so I know what people say about it and I know what people think about it, I came from that place and now that I’m in it my jaw has dropped,” Logan said.

“It is such a difficult discipline that your body is simply not used to unless you do it for years. I watch some of my peers now, which is weird to say, and I am stunned at what these fellow WWE superstars are capable of. Difficult sport that combines so many different elements that no other sport has, frankly.”

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Given that he’s signed a multi-year deal with the sports entertainment company, Logan will be back in the ring – win or lose at SummerSlam – on a number of occasions.

We’re not saying that he’s going to win the Royal Rumble and go on the headline WrestleMania but he’s already proven that he can hang with some of the best in the sport.