Logan Paul Explains Why He Will Be No Longer Daily Vlogging

Popular YouTuber Logan Paul has announced a massive change to the upload schedule on his channel.

The polarizing internet personality will no longer be uploading vlogs on a daily basis, something which he has done regularly since his career was lifting off in September of 2016.

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Having started off on the internet video sharing service Vine, Logan Paul and his videos gained massive views and attention, eventually leading him to YouTube, where he has established himself as one of the website’s most popular entertainers, having amassed over 17 million subscribers.

His controversial content has sometimes gotten him into trouble, none more so than when he received heavy criticism and backlash for uploading a vlog of a person who had committed suicide in Japan’s infamous ‘Suicide Forest.’

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Since then however, his career has unsurprisingly continued to grow, with numerous new business and entertainment opportunities having opened up.

One thing that had remained constant with Paul since his start were his daily vlogs, which often featured his friends and sometimes even his brother and fellow YouTuber Jake Paul.

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In a vlog released on April 29th, the YouTuber cited his upcoming talk show, his desire to get into music, the upcoming boxing fights against KSI, and other new business endeavors as to why his daily upload schedule will be changing.

“I have done a lot of vlogs, every day in a row and I’m blessed and I’m thankful. Your boy want to exercise his creativity in different ways, you guys know we have a talkshow coming soon, it’s called Impulsive. We just built the studio in my house, it’s sick. That’s going to be a vlog for next week. I got to make these hits bro, I want to dive into music, I want to start new business endeavors, and you guys know I’ve got the KSI fight coming up so not only that but I’m training as well. Just a lot of stuff. So the Vlog is not finished, but I’m proud to say the vlog will never be finished and as long as my heart stays thumping on this god damn planet earth, as long as my feet are on this soil. But like I said, daily vlogs, it’s not every day, bro.”

While Paul promises to not stop uploading vlogs, it will be worth keeping an eye on how often he will actually release them now that it will not be a daily responsibility.

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