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Logan Paul drops Antonio Brown diss track as fight rumors swirl

Published: 9/Feb/2020 19:58

by Eli Becht


After weeks of saying he’d do it, Logan Paul has finally released his Antonio Brown diss track as the two work on an agreement with their boxing match.

The YouTuber, fresh off his fight against KSI, has had his eyes set on the NFL star as his next opponent.


Paul has called out Brown publicly several times, and the two have actually come face-to-face at one point where the former Pittsburgh Steeler and New England Patriot seemingly agreed to the bout.

TheBreadBatch, Instagram
Logan has moved on from KSI and has his eyes on Antonio Brown.

However, days after that meetup, the NFL pro called out Logan for using his likeness in a poster for promotion and even threatened legal action against him.


With a fight agreement nowhere in sight, Paul decided now would be the best time to drop his diss track he has been teasing, and that’s just what he did on February 9.

The song, titled “Going Broke,” references Brown’s recent run-ins with the law, features a line about One Direction, and even mentions the time he was knocked unconscious on the field during a game.

The three minute and 17-second song mocks Brown’s own song “Whole Lotta Money” with several lines explaining how he’s now going broke.


Throughout the video, Paul can be seen wearing a New England Patriots jersey with the number 12, Tom Brady’s number, which would be a reference to the one game Brown played with the team before being dropped.

Antonio Brown, Instagram / Logan Paul, YouTube
Logan and Antonio seem to be getting closer to an agreement on their fight.

Logan has said time and time again that he would drop Brown faster than the Patriots, and he has not backed away from that statement.

Now, we’ll have to wait and see if there’s an official response to the music video. Considering how much dirty laundry the YouTuber was able to air in just one song, it’d be surprising to see this one get ignored.


Perhaps this could end up being the spark needed for the two to come to an agreement on the fight. Settling a beef over diss tracks is one thing, but doing so in the ring is another thing entirely.


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On September 28, footage started to circulate of Boogie in a standoff with fellow content creator Frank Hassle, even firing a gun during the heated exchange to serve as a warning to Hassle, and has since handed the footage over to the Fayetteville Police Department who are running an investigation.


Tana’s legal issues, however, fall under a slightly different banner, as she promised fans a special kind of exclusive reward if they provide her proof that they’ve voted for Joe Biden in the upcoming U.S. election, which some people are claiming is straight-up electoral fraud.

On a lighter note, Mike and Richard also discuss viral TikToker Doggface and the now-famous video that sees him skating around, listening to Fleetwood Mac and drinking cranberry juice. What a treat.


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