Logan Paul discusses his failed music career: “I really tried”

Logan Paul music career headerYoutube: IMPAULSIVE

Logan Paul is known for a wide variety of content creation however, the influencer recently admitted that he did at one point in his life try to get into the music industry and establish a career as a singer.

During the latest episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan Paul spoke about his failed music career with DJ legend David Guetta. During their conversation, Paul revealed that – at one point in his life – he “had a little run with attempting to make music.”

“I wanted to be a singer at one point,” confirmed Paul, before explaining how he even got so far as working on an album. “I flew with Sweden, I made an EP with Rami Yacoub.” Yacoub is a famous Swedish music producer and one that Guetta admits he known quite well.

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Paul confirmed that he eventually gave up “after a year of vocal lessons.”

Logan Paul’s gave up on music after a year of lessons and hard work

“I really tried, I gave it my all as I do. I work hard and I really worked hard to try and make some good music…But it didn’t work in music. I did not have the IT factor. And another thing I realised…I’m more of an on the field guy. I like travelling. I like getting my hands dirty and sitting in the studio all day was tedious for me.”

While he admits this type of work wasn’t for him, Paul respects just how difficult and tiring it is to make it in the music business. “It was really taxing and it is truly a different type of grind and it’s funny because a lot of DJ’s and musicians, it appears glamorous but you forget people spend. I mean how long in a studio trying to make a song?”

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And while his music career may not have been a success, Paul has now found fame through his content creation as well as his recent work with the WWE. While he is out of action for the moment, his fans are eager to see who he faces off against next when he steps back into the squared circle.

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