Logan Paul demolishes Ivan Drago lookalike in backyard boxing match

by square1


Popular YouTuber Logan Paul boxed a stranger that dressed like Rocky IV's Ivan Drago and showed up to his house unannounced.

Although Logan Paul is best-known for his career as a YouTube, he has dabbled in boxing and has shown he can be quite good at it, as evidenced by his bout with fellow YouTuber Olajide William 'KSI' Olatunji.

He was training for a slap boxing competition that he had to pull out of last minute but proved he still the physical prowess to compete, as evidenced by his impromptu fight with a Rocky villain lookalike.

REUTERS/Tom Jacobs
REUTERS/Tom Jacobs
Logan Paul vs. KSI.

Paul vs. Drago

For most people, they probably wouldn't have to worry about what they would do if a random boxer showed up at their house but Logan Paul isn't like most people.

In a video published to his YouTube account on May 28, Logan Paul actually boxed the guy that showed up, who appears to be just a complete stranger.

It's certainly a strange scene but once again we are able to see Logan show off his boxing chops, even competing without the use of any protective headgear.

The Drago lookalike performed nothing like his movie counterpart as he was knocked down several times by Logan, and never really put up much of a fight.

Despite this, Logan did give the man props in a faux interview after the fight.

Logan Paul YouTube
Logan Paul YouTube
Logan Paul is willing to box any YouTuber.

"I gotta give him props, the man has a big set of Russian balls on him," he said. "Not a lot of people are willing to get into the ring. Imma be honest, I feel sort of bad, he probably just came to Encino on Sunday to get some sort of content and I fucked his life up."

At the end of the video, he once again calls out KSI for the long-awaited rematch, along with challenging any of the other YouTubers.

"Hey let me just saying something else," he said. "Any fucking YouTuber who thinks they want to step up after I beat KSI's ass, you better start training now, it's gonna be lethal. I'm gonna be ruthless!"