Logan Paul defends Liam Payne over viral podcast comments backlash

Liam Payne on Impaulsive podcast and Logan Paul on True Geordie podcastYouTube: Impaulsive/True Geordie

YouTuber Logan Paul has defended former One Direction member Liam Payne, after he caused a huge stir online and received hate for comments he made while appearing on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast.

The Liam Payne Impaulsive episode became an almost immediate hit online, but for all the wrong reasons. For example, One Direction fans were calling Liam out for the way he spoke about former bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik.

They even got ‘Logan Paul is over’ trending on social media, hitting out at the influencer for his involvement in the podcast.

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Now, the older Paul brother has spoken out about the podcast and the negative attention it attracted, defending Liam in the process.

Speaking on the True Geordie podcast, Logan was asked about his thoughts on the podcast and whether he was “aware that this guy is making himself look like a bit of a douchebag.”

Logan said: “No, I wasn’t aware. I didn’t think anything of it … Sure, he said some outlandish sh*t. Sure, we were drinking on a podcast. My man was feeling himself, trying to stir the pot. I get it. I’ve done the same sh*t.

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“No one’s lived the life that that kid has lived. It’s got to be f**king insane, dude … Truly, to be any one of the One Direction kids has got to throw you in a f**king loop. Getting that famous and rich that young can’t be healthy.”

Timestamp 13:37

Logan went on to say that he’s “sure they’ve all got demons, except Harry Styles obviously, he’s an angel.”

Liam himself hasn’t spoken out much about the situation, though he did post a couple of tweets after the podcast, clarifying comments made about Zayn Malik.

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Logan and Liam seemed to get on very well during the podcast and there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood between them since.

That said, the memes are not dying down, and despite Logan believing some of the backlash may be unwarranted, that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

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