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Logan Paul criticizes Jake Paul’s “silly” challenge to retired UFC fighter Michael Bisping

Published: 28/Apr/2022 18:49

by Michael Gwilliam


YouTube star Logan Paul gave his thought on brother Jake Paul challenging retired UFC legend Michael Bisping to a fight and did not mince words.

Jake Paul has become quite the high-profile boxer, amassing an impressive 5-0 record including a knockout against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

With The Problem Child still looking for a dance partner for his return to the ring in August, a few possible foes have caught his eye including Mike Tyson, Anderson Silva, and even Michael Bisping.

During an episode of the Impaulsive podcast, guest Brendan Schaub brought up Paul’s challenge to the British fighter and asked for Logan’s opinion on it.


Jake Paul fighting UFC star michael bisping
Amanda Wescott/SHOWTIME/Instagram/mikebisping
Jake Paul called out former UFC star Michael Bisping.

Logan Paul calls Jake Paul’s Michael Bisping challenge “silly”

“Bisping has one eye and he’s older,” Schaub criticized, noting how Paul could be challenging better opponents.

“I thought that was silly,” Logan admitted. “I would have advised Jake to not do that. Just a waste of time.”

According to Logan, his brother doesn’t always come to him to discuss possible boxing opponents and other things, explaining that it goes both ways. In this case, he wished that his younger brother had spoken to him first.

“If Jake came to me I’d say, ‘don’t go after Bisping. He’s older, he’s doing his thing. Bisping’s a good dude.’ Go for Anderson Silva. If you want those accolades go after Anderson Silva,” Schaub said. “Former champ, one of the best to ever do it. Go after Anderson, dude.”


While Logan agreed that fighting Silva was a better play, he also suggested that Jake wasn’t quite ready yet and would need to be a bit better.

“I agree, but let him get a little better, because Anderson boxes. And has boxed for over a decade,” The Maverick countered.

So far, it’s not clear who Jake Paul will be fighting next, but with Bisping still wanting to duke it out with the influencer, he may not be out of the running just yet, despite big bro’s Logan disapproval.