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Logan Paul congratulates Ninja on Mixer “heist”

Published: 24/Jun/2020 1:28 Updated: 24/Jun/2020 23:38

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Logan Paul has spoken out on Microsoft Gaming’s shutdown of Mixer on June 22, giving a surprising congratulations to streaming star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ reportedly jaw-dropping profit off the deal.

Content creators and viewers the world over were left shocked when Microsoft announced it would be shutting down its rival platform to Amazon’s Twitch, Mixer, choosing to merge with Facebook Gaming.

Ninja was one of the platform’s biggest stars and the first to jump ship from Twitch to sign with the site in August 2019, set to rake in as much as “$40 million over three to five years” as per reports from Bloomberg.

However, when confronted with Mixer’s shutdown, Blevins didn’t accept Facebook’s offer that was nearly “double” his initial contract with Mixer: Instead, he forced the defunct platform to buy him out at $30 million, as told by sources and initially reported by esports insider Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau.

The news has undoubtedly made massive waves in the online entertainment industry, and has even seen input the likes of YouTuber-turned-boxing pro Logan Paul, who spoke out on the topic during a June 23 episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.

At first, Paul criticized those at Microsoft for moving forward with Mixer, arguing that such business models are difficult to realize when expecting influencers to build a community on a new platform.

“This model, time and time again, has proven to fail,” he explained. “The model where you back popular creators and hope that they’ll build a an entire platform.”

Tyler Blevins headshot Get Good press kit
Lauren Kretzschmar, Get Good Press Kit
Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was one of Mixer’s top stars and the first streamer to jump ship from Twitch to join the platform in August 2019, setting off a trend of many other Twitch broadcasters finding a home elsewhere.

That’s not all; Paul even gave a coy congratulations to Ninja in wake of his reported profits from the Mixer shutdown, jokingly calling his $30 million deal a “heist.”

“I also wanna give a quick shoutout to Ninja,” he continued.

“You played the suits, my guy. That was the greatest heist I’ve ever seen — and I’m saying this facetiously, because it wasn’t a heist. …the dude genuinely loved his audience, and they loved him enough where he felt confident he could honestly jump to an entirely new platform when it happened to not work out.”

(Topic begins at 56:09)

While Ninja has yet to respond to Paul’s felicitations, the star has shown ample support for other content creators who have struggled in the wake of Mixer’s sudden shutdown, leaving many without an audience or a platform.


Jaden Hossler hits back at critics after old tweets resurface

Published: 18/Nov/2020 11:58

by Alice Hearing


TikToker Jaden Hossler has hit back at critics for failing to move on after he apologized for “hurtful” words in old tweets that resurfaced.

Jaden Hossler is a TikToker-turned-rockstar who has collaborated with huge names including Blink 182’s Travis Barker and Iann Dior. While he has a dedicated fanbase, comments on his Twitter from years previous have resurfaced, sparking a wave of criticism.

One such tweet from 2017 referenced a white nationalist “Unite the Right” rally. Jaden wrote, “what does the world expect when we are all encouraged to do what makes us ‘happy.'” It appears to have been deleted, but screenshots were posted across social media.

Back in July, Jaden gave an apology to his followers, expressing that he had changed his views since. “I definitely apologize for my past words that were so hurtful. I do not agree with that and I am so grateful for who I am now! Please understand that these are not just words, but that my actions follow what I stand for!”

But in a series of recent tweets, Jaden revealed that, despite it being months since the uproar, criticism has not died down and that his family have received hateful comments.

“I wasn’t going to address this again because the point of an apology is to learn and move on, which I have done. For those who think they know everything, I will retweet my apology. My family has gotten messages that are so hateful that it’s just gotten too far!”

He added, “It is ridiculous to try to ‘cancel’ people for being my friend… it’s already hard enough during such a weird time in the world, let’s spread love! I promise you a better season and life is coming, let’s work together.”

Meanwhile, Jaden appears to be directing his efforts and attention towards music and his girlfriend instead. Earlier this week, Jaden and Mads Lewis confirmed their reunion with a kiss caught on camera by paparazzi.