Logan Paul confronts Beeple for creating artwork of him breastfeeding himself

. 29 days ago
NFT artist Beeple joins Logan Paul for IMPAULSIVE podcast

YouTuber Logan Paul has called out NFT artist Mike ‘Beeple’ Winkelmann for previously creating a bizarre artwork of the boxer breastfeeding his young self. 

NFTs have continued to dominate the financial market, particularly since their popularity boost in 2020–2021.

One of the numerous celebrities who have invested in the blockchain scheme is content creator Logan Paul who has since released the NFT series ‘99 Originals.

So, it only seemed fitting that the king of NFTs Beeple joined him for his latest IMPAULSIVE podcast. However, Logan had a bone to pick with him over a certain piece of artwork.

As well as collecting and circulating his own NFTs, Logan is known for his investments in trading cards.

Logan Paul calls out Beeple

In his interview with Beeple on June 7, Logan took the opportunity to talk to the graphic designer about a piece of artwork he did based on the Maverick, which then went viral online. In the image, an adult Logan is depicted as breastfeeding his younger self.

Bringing the topic up at the end of the episode, Logan said: “I don’t know if you remember this, it was me breastfeeding the baby version of myself.” Beeple then posted the image on social media in December 2019 and it quickly went viral.

Logan claimed that he was originally “upset” and “confused” by the piece. Especially, as it was released at a time when he was “sick of people giving [him] sh*t all the time.”

(Topic starts at 1:06:17 in the video)

Beeple explains why he created Logan Paul piece

Although the piece appeared random, Beeple revealed that he had a reason behind the artwork as Logan previously offended him on Twitter.

“I released a video of ‘Marshmallow,'” Beeple explained. “You commented on it ‘no’ and I was like, ‘that motherf***er.’ Then the next day or that day I did that picture of you.”

However, the pair laughed and joked about the story showing that the issue is water under the bridge for them. Although, chances are Logan won’t do anything to annoy Beeple ever again.

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