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Logan Paul confirms Tana dating photos were a prank on the media

Published: 19/Feb/2020 22:10

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube stars Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau took the social media world by storm after getting cozy during what appeared to be a surprise date, sparking rumors that the two had taken up an unexpected romance.

After parting ways with ex-husband Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau shocked the net by appearing to get cozy with his older brother, Logan Paul.

The two were spotted by paparazzi at a restaurant, where they shared drinks and even engaged in a little canoodling on the street.

Logan Paul, YouTube
Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau decided to pull of a prank in the hopes of fooling the media into thinking they had sparked a new romance.

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However, it turns out that this entire debacle was merely a prank pulled on the media, as revealed by Logan in a vlog on February 19.


According to the YouTuber, he and Tana wanted to pull the wool over the world’s eyes, hoping to stage a public outing that would make it seem like they were romantically involved.

Shortly thereafter, articles began popping up across the net from such outlets as the Daily Mail, Seventeen, Metro, and even Just Jared, speculating that the social media stars were secretly involved with each other.

Logan Paul, YouTube
Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau’s prank successfully tricked huge media outlets into thinking they’d struck up a new relationship (thankfully, we knew they were just close friends).

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While the media vied for a new romance, Mongeau noticed that many fans were congratulating Logan on being the “best ex-brother-in-law ever” — but not everyone was happy about this development.


A harsh text from Jake Paul seemed to hint at another falling out between the two brothers, with Logan showing a portion of the private message for the camera.

Logan Paul, YouTube
Logan Paul revealed messages from his younger brother that seemed to hint at a potential falling out between the two, after Logan notably began dating Alissa Violet following her breakup with Jake in 2017.

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“Like, I saw it in your eyes today,” Jake wrote. “I know the look deep down in your eyes that the old Logan had, and it’s like, ‘I will do f*cking anything for content regardless of who or what it affects.’”

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After storming onto the set of the imPaulsive podcast just prior, it seemed that the infamous flames from their previous rivalry over shared ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet had sparked, once more — but it turns out that Jake was merely pranking his older bro, in return, who seemed relieved (if a bit confused) at the sudden turn of events.


Although many news outlets were fooled by the prank, it doesn’t look like the Paul brothers will be swapping girlfriends again anytime soon, with Tana and Logan having historically become close friends in wake of her fast-paced romance with Jake.