Logan Paul claims brother Jake revolutionized boxing & MMA for “good”

logan-paul-jake-paul-revolutionize-boxing-mmaIG: @loganpaul

Logan Paul claims his brother Jake has revolutionized boxing and MMA for good, insisting people will eventually look back and realize how much he’s changed the landscape.

Jake Paul’s boxing career started with fights against other entertainers. However, his professional record has climbed to 5-0 since then, and he’s knocked out MMA champions like Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren.

Now, he’s got his sights set on making an MMA debut — but only if UFC President Dana White agrees to pay his fighters more.

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For that reason, Logan believes Jake has revolutionized boxing and MMA for good.

Jake Paul with hand raised in boxing ringYouTube: DAZN/Jake Paul
Jake Paul has been making waves in boxing, and he’s got his sights set on MMA.

At first, Logan had doubts about Jake boxing. “I had chalked him up,” he said.

“I had chalked him up to the game. I was like, ‘He’s going about this the wrong way. He’s being a punk about his brand and persona.’”

However, that changed after seeing him evolve: “He put in the work that led to results and action. So I realized I’m done doubting Jake Paul forever. He’s exceeded my expectations along with everyone else’s.”

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He became even more impressed after seeing him do “good things” outside of the ring. “He’s vocal about a situation I believe is important — fighter pay. The people who should be speaking up can’t because they’re in a vice grip from Dana.”

Logan admitted Jake comes across as “loud and obnoxious” sometimes. However, he doesn’t think it takes away from the “dope sh*t” he’s doing for the scene and believes people will remember him for that.

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I think in three to five years, people are going to realize how significant he was in changing the landscape of the sport,” he said. Not only in terms of his meteoric rise to success but also for raising issues.

Logan hasn’t done too bad himself, either. His boxing record isn’t as impressive. However, he went the distance against Floyd Mayweather Jr., which was insane given the enormous gap in skill and experience.

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However, he’s opted for a different path than Jake — teaming up with The Miz to take on Rey Mysterio and his son at WrestleMania 38. It’s not as hardcore as stepping into the octagon, but it’s still a huge feat.

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