Logan Paul claims he’s YouTube’s “best” boxer despite never winning a fight

Logan Paul speaking on Impaulsive podcastYouTube: Logan Paul

YouTube star Logan Paul believes he is “hands down” the best boxing YouTuber in the world, despite still not winning a match.

Logan Paul is just one name in the long list of content creators who have jumped into the boxing ring and gone on to pull in some surprise wins in the process including KSI and Logan’s brother, Jake.

However, despite showing some incredible skill during his fights with KSI and Floyd Mayweather Jr., Logan is yet to be officially crowned the winner of a boxing match.

Yet, Logan is still “hungry” for a win having seen the success of his fellow creators and believes that calling himself the “best” YouTube boxer will help him on his way.

Logan Paul “hungry” for boxing win

During his IMPAULSIVE podcast on August 30, Logan proclaimed that in his mind he is “hands down the best internet-centric boxer” even though he faces heavy competition from others.

He admitted that it seemed like a bold statement given how he currently has “no wins.” But, added that this mindset helps drive him to do more because if he “didn’t believe [he] was the best” then “how the f**k is anyone else going to believe it?”

His ‘hunger’ to get back into the ring even drove him to produce a call out video challenging controversial internet figure Andrew Tate to a fight. Yet, he eventually decided not to release it and denied that he would ever meet Tate in the ring in order to avoid giving him a platform.

(Topic begins at 34:20 in the video)

Although Logan hasn’t pulled in any wins as a boxer, his WWE career has skyrocketed especially following on from his appearance at SummerSlam 2022 and he’s eager to keep it going.

“WWE now is becoming really real for me,” Logan explained. “I am doing so much research. I’m practicing. I’m training.” He also claimed that apart from his time during his trip to London, he’s also cut back on smoking and drinking.

Logan might still be yet to win a boxing fight. However, he’s supposedly trying to very hard to change that.