Logan Paul challenges Tyson Fury to fight again but with a twist

Logan Paul talking to camera with backwards hat against red backgroundYouTube: Fight Hub TV/Logan Paul

Logan Paul has, once again, challenged Tyson Fury to a fight, but he’s put a bit of a spin on it this time as he’s not wanting it to happen inside the boxing ring.

As Jake Paul has continued to beef with Tommy Fury, his older brother Logan has also gone after Tommy’s older brother – heavyweight boxing king Tyson Fury.

When Jake and Tommy were initially scheduled to fight last year, Logan laid down the gauntlet to Tyson, dishing out some trash talk on social media by claiming that he’d knock out the British boxer if they ever crossed paths in the ring.

While Logan is returning to the boxing ring in January, Tyson is now somewhat retired. However, there is a different ring they could square off in – the wrestling ring.

Logan Paul wants to wrestle Tyson Fury in WWE

That’s right, both Logan and Tyson has links to the WWE – Logan has a multi-year deal with the sports entertainment titan, while Fury has inked one-off deals before and even got involved during their recent event in the UK.

The imPaulsive podcast host is looking to use that to his advantage and grapple with Fury under WWE rules. “Tyson Fury, his brother wasn’t man enough to fight my brother, but I am man enough to wrestle you in WWE,” Logan said following the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva press conference.

“I know you’re 7 foot 4, I know you’re 500lbs, but size don’t matter in that ring. In that squared circle, come meet me in the WWE and I’ll take you out cuz!”

Logan has been absent from the WWE since his jaw-dropping performance at SummerSlam, and likely won’t be back in the wrestling ring until he’s boxed in January.

While it would be a massive mismatch in terms of size, anything goes in the world of professional wrestling, and it would be a match that grabs the attention. So, who knows if Logan will eventually get his wish. We’ll just have to wait and see.