Logan Paul and Antonio Brown finally come face to face amid fight rumors

logan paul antonio brown matchL: Logan Paul - YouTube R: Wikimedia Commons

Logan Paul and Antonio Brown finally came to face-to-face as rumors of their potential fight continue to swirl.

Following his fight with KSI, Paul has set his eyes on Brown as his next boxing opponent.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver hasn’t seemed to be all that interested in boxing Paul, but now that the NFL season has officially wrapped up, he might be reconsidering.

Logan PaulYouTube: imPaulsive
Logan Paul has his eyes set on Antonio Brown.

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On February 1, Brown asked his 1.6 million Twitter followers if he should fight the YouTuber. He even says he’d donate all the proceeds to charity, so everything will end up going towards a good cause.

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“Should I fight LoganPaul for 4.1m with possibly 8.2m raise?!” he asked. “I’ll donate proceeds to charity…he keep coming at me about this non-stop.”

Logan said AB has bailed on two different offers to fight, so he threatened to drop a diss track about him.

“Antonio Brown, despite causing a slew of problems with the law, has now denied two multi-multi-million dollar official offers to fight me,” he said. “You’ve wasted my time and leave me no choice but to body you via diss track.”

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Just when all hope seemed lost, the two finally met up in person and all of the rumors started swirling again. Paul got directly into Brown’s face and asked why the NFL player keeps ducking him in a video that surfaced February 2.

He manages to get what appears to be a verbal confirmation from Brown and for now, it sounds like the two will be moving forward with the fight.

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Of course, there are still several hurdles they’ll have to cross. While the wide receiver is an excellent athlete, he isn’t exactly known for his skill in the boxing ring.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be able to get into shape quickly, though. Paul spent months getting into fighting form and he ended up putting on a great match with KSI.