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Lizzo explains why she won’t stop showing her feet on TikTok

Published: 15/Apr/2022 18:38

by Dylan Horetski


Popular singer Lizzo explained the reason why she continues to show her feet for free on TikTok in a recent interview with Audacy Check-in. 

When it comes to popularity, Lizzo isn’t just known for her chart-topping songs.

With over 21 million followers on TikTok and collaborations with other high-profile creators, the rapper receives thousands of views across her variety of videos — with some showing her feet.

In a recent Audacy Check-in, host Julia asked Lizzo about her being a part of feet-tok, leading the popular singer to give a hilarious explanation as to why she doesn’t charge people to see her feet.


Lizzo explains why she shows her feet on TikTok

With creators like Amouranth showing how much money a successful OnlyFans creator can make, the site has grown into mainstream popularity. However, Lizzo has continued to upload videos of her feet onto TikTok.

With some videos receiving nearly five million views and thousands of likes, many fans have wondered why she doesn’t monetize the videos. In a recent interview with Audacy Check-In, she explained why.

“I’m a millionaire I don’t need to make more money off of my feet. I wanna show the world these cute little piggies I have,” she explained. “I got a french pedicure on my feet right now, looking real cute”


(Topic starts at 8:36 in the video)

Lizzo also explained that she does it because she feels good about herself and that when she was younger, she thought her feet were ugly.

She continued: “I think I was just tripping when I was younger, I’ve got gorgeous feet.”

The singer has continued to go viral on TikTok with her variety of videos, just like this Tom Cruise look-alike.