LiveXLive sued over YouTubers vs. TikTokers pay dispute

LiveXLive logo over image of boxing glovesUnsplash: Bogdan Yukhymchuk / LiveXLive

Streaming platform LiveXLive is being sued by Simply Greatness Productions, who reportedly operate Social Gloves, amid an ongoing pay dispute following the Battle of the Platforms boxing event.

The June 12 Battle of the Platforms event at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami was one to remember for many fans, with top influencers from both YouTube and TikTok stepping into the ring to find out once and for all who the better platform is.

The event was a huge talking point on social media, but things quickly turned sour when weeks after the event several fighters and artists revealed that they had yet to be paid.

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It was then reported that the event massively overestimated how many PPV sales they would achieve, with some alleging they only made 136,000 out of the predicted 500,000.

YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing matchInstagram: Austin McBroom/ FaZe Jarvis / Tayler Holder / Bryce Hall
The YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event has become embroiled in controversy after several influencers claimed they weren’t paid.

The event was run by Social Gloves, a promotion company responsible for organizing the event, in partnership with LiveXLive, the live stream partner that collected ticket money, according to the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom who participated in the headline fight of the event.

It has previously been alleged that McBroom owns Social Gloves, as the trademark is owned by Ace Hat Collection Inc, the CEO of which is listed as Austin McBroom.

Social Gloves is reportedly operated by Delaware-registered company Simply Greatness Productions (SGP.)

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SGP sues LiveXLive

The conflict finally reached boiling point on July 21 when SGP filed a lawsuit against LiveXLive after allegedly failing to turn over the proceeds of the event.

A Social Gloves representative said: “LiveXLive demand that SGP provide a release of all claims before turning over any the Event’s proceeds arouses deeply-held suspicions regarding the Event’s actual performance.

LiveXLive’s refusal to release a single penny of the Event’s proceeds — even when SGP requested that it pay the fighters directly — demonstrates that it has no regard for the individuals who made the Event an unprecedented success.”

Simply Greatness Production… by Dave Brooks

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They went on to say: “Given LXL’s actions, SGP has no choice but to request that the Court intervene, pry the funds from LiveXLive’s clutches and pay those owed amounts, including the fighters. SGP looks forward to receiving full transparency, and to getting the fighters and talent paid.”

Documents regarding the lawsuit list breach of contract, fraudulent inducement, and accounting as some of the complaints.

With the dispute escalating into legal action, it could be a while before the situation is fully resolved, as fighters continue to wait for their pay.