LIRIK stops Rust player from killing him with hilarious bait prank - Dexerto

LIRIK stops Rust player from killing him with hilarious bait prank

Published: 30/Dec/2019 2:02

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch streamer Saqib ‘LIRIK‘ Zahid got himself out of a tense situation when he talked a stranger in Rust down from killing him with the perfect bait and switch.

Rust originally released on PC in 2013, and was developed by Facepunch Studios. The multiplayer survival title is infamous for its chaotic nature, and being a display of humanity’s worst traits.

Twitch star LIRIK became a example of this during his December 29 broadcast when he turned the tables on a stranger who jumped him at gunpoint, and pulled off an epic bait.

Facepunch StudiosReleased on PC in 2013, Rust has become a cult classic.

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The popular streamer was in the middle of a Rust broadcast, when a stranger approached him from the left side and then pulled out their crossbow to hold him up.


“Hey, what up dude!” LIRIK exclaimed as the enemy focused his weapon on him. “Don’t do that thing where you just shoot. Don’t do that thing, bro. Just don’t. F**king don’t. Alright man,” he told the player.

Still trying to convince the stranger to lower his weapon he said, “Don’t do it man, don’t follow the f**king vicious cycle. It’s not f**king worth it, dude. It’s not worth it.”

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“Put it down, put it down,” the Twitch star said, as he got closer to the player. “Put it the f**k down.” Then miraculously, his attacker unequipped his crossbow and threw it on the floor, seemingly moved by the streamer’s speech about peace.


“Thank you, man. Thank you… B*tch!” LIRIK exclaimed as he pulled out his own crossbow on his now defenseless opponent after hilariously baiting him to drop his weapon.

Turning the tables on his foe, he then zoomed in his crosshair on him and yelled “F**k you!” before shooting him square in the head, and looting his body of everything he had, embodying the true spirit of Rust.

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LIRIK continues to crush it, amassing over 2.5 million followers to his channel as of the time of this article, and consistently pulling in 22,000 viewers a broadcast.

The popular streamer also announced in December that he had signed a deal with Twitch to stay on their platform in what is reported to be a multi-million dollar deal the Amazon-owned company made with their top streamers.