LIRIK slyly roasts xQc fans during Resident Evil Village playthrough

xqc x lirikTwitch: xQcOW / Instagram: LIRIK

Saqid ‘LIRIK’ Zahid poked another jab at fellow streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyell on new Resident Evil game, Village, mocking his fans.

As two of Twitch’s biggest streamers ever, LIRIK and xQc have had a tongue-in-cheek rivalry between each other, dating way back to 2019 when the two faced off on UFC 3. As Twitch has evolved this banter between them has continued, and flared up when they squared off in GTA RP earlier this year.

Back in March, after LIRIK’s cop character Bayvon Barksdale arrested xQc’s old character X, he received an angry donation from an xQc viewer. In response, LIRIK addressed the viewer as though they were an infant and xQc was their dad.

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This attitude towards certain “childish” xQc fans meant LIRIK had the perfect opportunity to pick on his fans during a Resident Evil Village stream.

Image of Twitch streamer LIRIKLIRIK
With 2.8m followers, LIRIK is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers.

After exploring the downstairs of protagonist Ethan Winter’s house, LIRIK moved upstairs to put Ethan’s baby daughter, Rosemary, to bed. However, the moment LIRIK put his foot on the stairs, the baby burst into tears, and he could not resist a sly dig at xQc and his viewers.

“Oh god, don’t worry, I’ll put on your favorite streamer,” LIRIK said, comforting the child. “Who do you want to watch tonight? You want something with a vault? It’s fine, we’ll find one, don’t worry.”

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The vault reference is a nod to xQc’s previous run of robbing banks on the NoPixel server, before his fourth ban and an argument with girlfriend Adept convinced him to create a new cop character, Pierre Paul.

LIRIK has previously waxed lyrical about the importance of high-quality cop roleplay in GTA RP, so this might convince him to go easy on the Canadian in future.