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LIRIK explains why shroud’s move to Mixer is the “best” decision

Published: 25/Oct/2019 22:30 Updated: 26/Oct/2019 1:01

by Brent Koepp


Twitch star Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid opened up to his audience and shared his thoughts on Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek leaving the streaming platform for Mixer exclusively.

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Shroud sent shockwaves in the industry with his surprise announcement on October 24 that he would be joining Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins on Twitch’s competitor Mixer.

However, during his October 25 stream, popular streaming personality LIRIK addressed the shocking announcement, and gave his take on why the former CSGO pro leaving the streaming platform was a good idea.

Instagram: @lirikThe Twitch star expressed his views on shroud leaving for Mixer.
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LIRIK’s views on shroud leaving Twitch

The Twitch star was in the middle of streaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare when his chat asked him to talk about shroud’s big move going to Mixer. “I’m gonna miss shroud, I will. But you know what, everyone has their reasons for doing sh*t,” he said.


LIRIK then went on to explain the complexity of his decision that most people don’t consider. “So many different variables, and so many different things you will never understand,” he exclaimed. “The things he had to weigh in order to make his decision. He needs to do what is best for him.”

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The popular streamer then continued to defend shroud’s decision, by putting the former CSGO pro’s career trajectory into perspective. “If you grew up playing f*ckin’ Counter-Strike, or someone who has been a Counter-Strike pro, it’s very cool to see how far he’s been able to push it to be someone so f*ckin’ good at FPS games.”


Reflecting more on the success shroud has been able to cultivate particularly now with his major deal with Mixer, he added “It’s cool to see his journey, and see what he decides to do, with motherf*kin’ video games being his backing. It’s actually kind of cool!”

“He knows himself best, and what he wants in his life,” LIRIK finished. “That’s what it comes down to, man.”

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While LIRIK seemed to be happy for shroud, Twitch mega star Dr Disrespect also sounded off on his friend and streaming collaborator leaving for Mixer, after repeatedly criticizing the Microsoft-owned platform numerous times in the past.

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“We love shroud, and we wish him good luck. The man got paid. Did he get paid more than the Doctor? Did the guy with the blue hair, the little Dragonball Z anime guy, did he get paid more than the Doctor? No, both of them didn’t,” he exclaimed, referring to Ninja also leaving as well.

Mixer: shroudThe CSGO pro turned the streaming world upside down after announcing on October 24 that he was leaving Twitch for Mixer.
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While it’s only been a day since shroud has started streaming on Mixer, the streamer has already amassed over 390k followers on the Microsoft platform as of the time of writing this article.

The FPS pro also had an astonishing 78k concurrent viewers during his first broadcast, and continues to bring in the numbers, as his Twitch viewers have shown to be following him to his new home.