LIRIK in disbelief after Twitch remove his ‘butt clench’ emote – again

Twitch star Saqib ‘LIRIK‘ Zahid was confused when he discovered two of his emotes had been removed – one of which has been removed in the past for violating the platform’s rules.

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Twitch partners have access to a lot of emote slots, leaving it up to them to fill them up with something their viewers will enjoy.

LIRIK, being one of the platform’s largest streamers, has access to all of the emote slots but it turns out that they weren’t a fan of two of his emotes, as they have since been removed.

Lirik, TwitterLirik is one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, all without a facecam.
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What emotes are gone?

“Two emotes are gone, lirikLATE and lirikCLENCH,” LIRIK said. The clench emote does make sense as it violates Twitch’s rules of showing butts, but he and his chat quickly pointed out there are numerous butt-related emotes on Twitch.

“I was told by the Twitch gods, two emotes were against TOS and got removed or something,” he said. “There are so many ass emotes but there was something about this ass that triggered people.”

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Twitch has strict rules for what’s allowed on their platform and all of the creators have to abide by those rules. 

Partnered streamers tend to have streamlined approval processes, meaning they can throw up a new emote and have it live almost immediately for viewers to use.

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TwitchMetrics.netLirikLATE and LirikCLENCH
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This allows emotes that break the rules to slip through the cracks, leading Twitch to seemingly remove an emote without warning. However, his clench emote has been removed before in the past. He tried to bring it back as lirikMONK, a play on the MonkaS emote, but it was also removed.

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LIRIK likely won’t be facing a ban or anything of the sort here since it was just an emote that was removed so fans won’t have to worry about that.

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What will be interesting to see is if LIRIK ends up reuploading the emote with some modifications so it doesn’t break any rules.

He tried to do this once before, but it still ended up violating the rules so who knows how he’ll try and get around another emote ban in the future.