Linus Tech Tips reveals he turned down over $100m for YouTube empire

Linus Sebastion at MicrocenterYouTube: Linus Tech Tips

Popular Tech YouTuber Linus Sebastion has revealed he turned down an offer of over $100,000,000 for Linus Media Group, the parent company of all of his YouTube channels.

Over the years, Linus Sebastion has rose to fame through his empire of YouTube channels covering all the latest tech news with a variety of different topics.

Since his rise, he created Linus Media Group which acts as a parent company for all of his endeavors. With over 15 million subscribers across Linus’ YouTube Empire and collaborations with some of the biggest names in tech, it’s clear people respect what Linus has built.

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During the WAN Show on March 3, Linus revealed that he has passed up a chance to sell the company — giving fans a rough idea of just how much the offer was for.

Linus Sebastion reveals he passed up insane offer for YouTube empire

During the WAN Show episode, Linus and his co-host were answering questions from fans when one question asked Linus if there was ever anything he regretted in regard to running Linus Media Group.

After a few minutes of hesitation, his co-host Luke mentioned the offer he had received from someone looking to buy the company.

“No, No. I don’t regret that actually. I worried I would. Did I ever say how much the offer was? Well, it wasn’t six figures, and it wasn’t seven. It sure as hell wasn’t five or under… it wasn’t eight either,” Linus revealed.

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“I have not regretted it for a moment.”

(Topic starts at 1:45:03 in the video)

Since Linus was quick to mention it wasn’t below five digits and was higher than eight, it’s safe to assume that the offer the YouTuber passed up was somewhere above $100,000,000 for the company.

They went on to mention that this was before the ever-popular Linus Tech Tips branded backpack and ratcheting screwdrivers that tons of fans were quick to snatch up from the store.

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