Linus Tech Tips claims YouTube didn’t care about community concerns during dislike meeting

YouTube/Linus Tech Tips

According to Linus Tech Tips, YouTube doesn’t care about the community’s concerns about removing dislike counts on videos.

YouTube’s decision to hide dislike counts on videos has proven controversial with users and creators on the site, including Asmongold, PewDiePie, and xQc.

While multiple creators have spoken out against the change, Linus actually got the chance to bring up these concerns with YouTube directly. Despite the opportunity though, the site doesn’t seem to care according to him.

YouTube gives “zero ducks” about dislike concerns

After a user on Twitter asked Linus whether or not the dislike meeting had gone down with the video site, the YouTuber answered it had, but wasn’t much of a success.

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“Yes, I had the dislike counter meeting with YouTube,” he wrote. “Zero ducks were given about my concerns or the ones shared by our community.”

Fellow creator Hasan claimed brands and the massive unpopularity of YouTube’s Rewind, were some reasons for dislikes being removed. Linus didn’t go that far, but did admit they could have played some part.

“It’s hard to say how much those factors affected the decision,” Linus responded. “But, it’s clear that this step toward reduced transparency sucks.”

The feeling that the removal of dislikes will take away a level of transparency to what’s actually popular or not, has been one of the main sticking points for most who are against the change.

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So, while the decision to remove dislikes might be hugely unpopular with users and creators alike, according to Linus, YouTube just doesn’t care.