LilyPichu’s Twitch stream booming with GTA RP character Tulip

Connor Bennett
LilyPichu and her GTA RP character Tulip
Twitch: LilyPichu

OfflineTV member Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki has had some pretty big success with GTA RP on Twitch already as her character, Tulip, looks to be a pretty big hit with fans. 

GTA RP has started to dominate the charts on Twitch, with streamers from all corners of the internet diving into the extremely popular NoPixel server.

LilyPichu is one such streamer, joining her pals Sykkuno and Valkyrae in being a regular member of the server. Their fellow Amigops Corpse Husband and Disguised Toast have also dipped their toes in as well.

Lily’s in-game persona – Tulip – straddles the line between being naive and psychotic, making from some killer interactions with other streamers – as well as the conversations she has with herself.

lilypichu instagram mirror selfie
Instagram: lilypichu
LilyPichu is a member of the popular OfflineTV Twitch group.

As a result of her involvement with GTA RP, Lily’s Twitch channel has seen some pretty impressive growth too, with her average viewership climbing a pretty hefty amount.

As stats from SullyGnome show, the OfflineTV member has had quite the spike in the last 30 days – growing the average viewership by almost 35%, and adding almost an extra 4,000 viewers per broadcast.

On top of that, Lily has averaged almost 24,000 viewers per GTA RP stream, and managed to hit 40,000 viewers during her May 3 stream. Plenty of those viewers have turned into followers as well, with the streamer picking up over 6,000 new followers from GTA RP fans.

LilyPichu stats for GTA RP
GTA RP has been a major success for Lily.

Her success will likely only continue as well, given how a clip of her rapping about her arrival in Los Santos went viral – even if Lily’s character does have some sinister and murderous undertones in her bars.

While some streamers have already dipped out of GTA RP and found something else to play, Lily doesn’t show any signs of stopping, as GTA has worked its way into her rotation of games.

Her character is finely set up for some interesting stories too, given how some of the rivalries with ‘The Kittens’s that she sparked in Rust have carried over. So, we’ll have to see how far she goes with GTA RP.