LilyPichu’s room makeover stream nearly ends in disaster

OfflineTV / Twitch: LilyPichu

One half of the cute new OfflineTV couple nearly met an unfortunate end while setting up some new furniture, causing the streaming collective’s founder William ‘Scarra‘ Li to nearly keel over with laughter.

The newest member of OfflineTV, Michael Reeves, was nearly permanently taken offline by some furniture construction during a March 2 Lily ‘LilyPichu‘ Ki stream.

During the broadcast, titled “redoing my room”, the couple were in the process of taking down the bunk bed structure that typically hangs over Lily’s streaming PC.

HAchubby and LilyPichu on Twitch streamTwitch: LilyPichu
Lily with popular streamer HAchubby under the now-removed streaming structure.

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After removing most of the furniture and the PC, they turned their attention to the structure itself, and were in the midst of removing the upper bunk support, when Reeves thankfully stepped out of the way just seconds before it came crashing down.

Reeves had just taken out the central support beam and moved out of the way before the heavy wooden support frame hit the floor. That wasn’t the only thing to hit the floor, as the group’s founder and former LCS veteran Scarra doubled over laughing at the near-disaster.

Lily also couldn’t help but laugh, but also said: “I’m really glad you [Michael] weren’t under that.” Reeves embraced his partner with a hug before sarcastically remarking, “Well at least it’s down now.” He then gave the stream a smile and a big thumbs up before continuing to take down the bed frame.

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Less than twenty minutes later, the duo had the bunk bed frame completely removed, and within two hours after, the room redecoration project was complete, with no further incidents or near injuries.

Twitch: LilyPichu
LilyPichu’s dog Temmie getting adjusted to the new room layout.

Michael Reeves, a popular YouTuber known for his wild tech creations such as a chair that ejects you when you sit on it and a bot that auto-buys things from Amazon suggested on Twitter, joined the OfflineTV group back in December 2019.

This addition came just after the end of a highly publicized breakup between LilyPichu and musical Twitch streamer Albert ‘Sleightlymusical’ Chang. Chang has been off social media since November, when he admitted to being unfaithful to Lily.

YouTube: Michael Reeves
Reeves has accrued over 3.5m subscribers on YouTube, and joined OfflineTV in December 2019.

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In recent weeks, Reeves and LilyPichu have spent more time together on stream and in various YouTube videos, and have begun dating.

Thankfully, their relationship was not ended by Michael’s untimely demise at the hands of falling bed frames.