LilyPichu & Sykkuno worry about Twitch rules as Valkyrae eats 'crackers' on stream - Dexerto

LilyPichu & Sykkuno worry about Twitch rules as Valkyrae eats ‘crackers’ on stream

Published: 6/Jan/2022 18:54

by Dylan Horetski


Twitch streamers LilyPichu and Sykkuno became worried about Twitch rules as 100-Thieves co-owner Valkyrae ate ‘crackers’ on stream. The fear stems from a string of streamers who were banned for saying the salty word. 

On December 14, Hasan received a ban from the Amazon-owned platform for talking about the word ‘cracker,’ after one of his stream moderators was banned for saying it.

It proceeded to split the opinions of the streaming community, as many considered the word a racial slur. Its popularity in the news meant that other streamers started talking about it, which led to more streamers like Froste receiving a seven-day ban themselves.


While playing Valorant with Valkyrae; LilyPichu and Sykkuno became worried about their own accounts as the 100T co-owner said that she was eating a special kind of crackers on stream.

LilyPichu and Sykkuno worry about Twitch

While the trio was getting ready to start their next Valorant match, Valkyrae realized she was unmuted to the group’s Discord voice chat. LilyPichu replied: “No, No. Queen, please talk to us.”

Rae responded, explaining that she was “addicted” to eating a special kind of crackers. Sykkuno quickly asked her to clarify what she said, and the YouTube streamer replied: “crackers!”

As Lily became hesitant, Sykkuno added: “Thank god she’s on YouTube.” Seconds later, Valkyrae started to mention that she believes there was nothing wrong with saying the word on stream.


Lily disagreed, as she quickly said: “Rae, Stop. Stop. Please. We’re on stream, please.” Seconds later, the YouTube streamer quoted Ludwig’s announcement video, and said: “Not in this car!”

Ludwig left Twitch for YouTube on November 29, when he announced that he had signed an exclusive contract with the platform.

Just a few days later, his stream was taken down for copyright issues, which led people to “mock” his announcement video in which he mentions that he won’t have to worry about copyright issues on YouTube.