LilyPichu exposes racist abuse received for taking day off streaming during Rust drops

Lilypichu glassesInstagram: lilypichu

Popular Twitch streamer and OfflineTV member Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki has exposed some of the “absurd” racist abuse she received after not streaming for a day, causing viewers to possibly miss out on Rust drops.

Rust has become the game of choice for most of the top names on Twitch, and the OfflineTV server is absolutely the most popular for some of the big personalities it includes and the fans’ engagement with it.

In Rust drops, fans can get various items to bolster their inventories, and can be earned through watching your favorite streamers while they play the game.

While you would expect fans to appreciate this, some are having the adverse reaction, and LilyPichu is bearing the brunt of some vile racist abuse being sent her way, simply for not streaming as much as her ‘fans’ want to.

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lilypichu instagram mirror selfieInstagram: lilypichu
LilyPichu is a member of the popular OfflineTV Twitch group.

After not streaming on January 11, Lily received a litany of abuse, even despite changing her viewer requirements to earn drops from four hours down to two hours.

Taking to Twitter, Lily exposed some of the messages she received, also noting that viewers had tried to call her mods to get her to stream.

“You f**king chineese [sic] piece of sh*t,” one message read, ignorant of her actual Korean heritage. “Go to your communist country. Go stream Rust you don’t deserve a skin.”

Another example called her a “trash person,” saying they will “dance on her grave someday.”

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Lily went on to explain that she lowered viewership requirements because she knows she streams the least out of everyone, even suggesting fans can just leave the stream open and go AFK to earn their drops.

Finally, she said that she’s not upset, but that the messages were “so absurd to the point of comedy.”

Regardless, this doesn’t make it okay, and it goes without saying that sending abuse to streamers for not streaming on your time schedule is not acceptable.