LilyPichu explains why her League parody songs were her ‘favorite’ YouTube projects

Emma Hill
LilyPichu YouTube announcement videoYouTube: LilyPichu

OfflineTV star Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki has shared why her “favorite era of YouTube” was when she was making parody songs from League Of Legends.

LilyPichu rocked the streaming community when she joined the ever-growing list of creators who made the move from Twitch to YouTube.

It was a particular shock for many given how Lily had been streaming on Twitch for ten years before the change.

In reality, Lily had already established herself as a veteran YouTuber. Back in 2011, she went viral on the platform following the release of ‘I’ll Quit LoL’ and it’s clear her early years on YouTube still hold a special place in her heart.

LilyPichu fondly remembers LoL song parody days

On July 15, LilyPichu joined Trash Taste’s podcast on Spotify to talk about her career as part of an OfflineTV crossover.

After being asked about what she considers to be her “favorite YouTube era,” Lily claimed that it was the days when she created parodies of League Of Legends songs which were her best times.

“Honestly I like my League parody song days, that sh*t was fun,” she claimed. “It was fun because I would draw everything myself and do everything myself. It was creatively fulfilling for me.”