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Lil Xan’s IRL stream takes bizarre turn with cigarette burn session

Published: 27/Sep/2019 18:43 Updated: 27/Sep/2019 18:47

by Virginia Glaze


Former Soundcloud rapper “Lil Xan” is one of the music industry’s most divisive “mumble rappers” – and he’s taking this status to the next level, as shown during a live stream on September 26.

“No Jumper” podcast host Adam “Adam22” Grandmaison caught a snippet of the stream for himself, taken in Lil Xan’s garage.

The clip shows the rapper in his spacious garage surrounded by a group of friends, where they engaged in an unusual – and painful – activity in front of the camera.

Lil Xan, InstagramRapper “Lil Xan” got into some painful shenanigans with friends during a live broadcast.

As it so happens, cigarette burn tattoos are actually a thing that people do in their spare time, and Lil Xan provided the artistic talent necessary for this activity during his live stream, dragging the end of a cigarette over his friend’s thigh in an attempt at drawing a smiley face.


Of course, this prompted an outburst of shouting from his friend due to the pain, who gave a few good-humored insults while Adam22 advised from the sidelines.

Adam22, Instagram“No Jumper” podcast host Adam22 caught the shenanigans going down in Lil Xan’s garage.

“You gotta fuckin’ finish the tattoo, you motherfucker!” his friend yelled, taking drags of his own cig in between “inking” sessions – much to Adam’s amusement. “I’m about to pass out in pain! …I can’t fucking not scream, this is horrible!”

It seems that Lil Xan’s artistic abilities took a humorous turn, as the rapper ended up drawing a more “unamused” face on his friend’s leg, rather than a true “smiley” face – a pastime that Adam22 roasted with a well-timed jab.


“Yo, y’all just do this,” he commented. “Y’all just sit around and do this.”

Adam22 is a popular face in both the music and online entertainment industries, having interviewed a slew of high-profile artists for his podcast – and Lil Xan is no stranger to the online world, either, having dated YouTuber Tana Mongeau for a short period before parting ways with the star after allegedly “cheating” on her.

The rapper was confronted about this matter by Mongeau’s now-husband Jake Paul some time later, with the two appearing to make amends on the set of Xan’s music video – although it seems he has other hobbies aside from just making music, as told by his “eventful” live stream.