Lil Nas X shouts out 100 Thieves' 'The Mob' on Pokimane's stream

by Virginia Glaze


On July 11, Twitch revealed that viral ‘Old Town Road’ rapper Lil Nas X and popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys would be headlining TwitchCon 2019’s Saturday night party - a fact further promoted by Nas’s surprise appearance on Pokimane’s Twitch stream that very same day.

Nas held a listening party for his EP (extended play) during the stream, titled ‘7,’ which he discussed with Pokimane throughout their surprise broadcast - as well as a few other topics, including esports giant 100 Thieves.


Esports organization 100 Thieves, headed by CEO Nadeshot, signed Twitter group and content team ‘The Mob’ to their ranks in mid-June, which consists of four creators Avalanche, Froste, Mako, and Classify.

The Mob, Twitter
The Mob, Twitter
The Mob was signed to esports organization 100 Thieves in mid-June, bringing four new content creators to the team.600

Pokimane mentioned The Mob during her joint stream with Lil Nas X, after noticing the group typing in her chat - a development that Nas was visibly enthused by.


“We do?” Nas asked excitedly. “Yes! The Mob! I see you! ...I see Avalanche.”

That wasn’t the only comment Nas made about the organization, either: he later went on to give The Mob a special shout out, which Pokimane claimed would make the group “cry” out of joy.

As it turns out, Pokimane wasn’t too far off in her prediction: the group popped off across Twitter shortly thereafter, retweeting a clip of Nas’s comment.


“YOU’RE AN ICON,” The Mob’s official Twitter wrote.

“Lil Nas X the f*cking GOAT,” Froste said of the moment.

“THE MOB IS GLOBAL BABY,” Mako echoed, posting a hilarious video featuring Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road."


Even popular Twitch streamer and Fortnite player Valkyrae commented on the exchange, petitioning for the group to get verified in light of Nas’s recognition.

“K Lil Nas X just shoutout to the The Mob on Pokimane’s stream and I’m crying LOL,” she Tweeted. “Time to get the boys verified.”

Lil Nas X isn’t the only artist headlining TwitchCon’s Saturday party, either, although other names have yet to be released as of July 11. TwitchCon San Diego throws down from September 27 - 30, bringing with it a slew of action and some of the net’s top live streamers.

With one of the hottest musical artists in attendance, congoers can be sure that September will bring an unforgettable final weekend - especially for The Mob.